Employees & Society

How is it possible to be successful in the market for more than 130 years? With values that exist not only on paper, but are truly practised. It is our aim to express responsible and authentic behaviour both internally and externally.

Diverse commitment

Our sense of commitment does not end at the factory gate; we support projects at all Bahlsen sites that area closely connected to our company, our tradition, and our values.

Responsible Leadership

Our corporate culture is defined by self-initiative, a willingness to change, appreciation, and trust. We are confident that every individual can actively, and autonomously, manage their professional and personal development. We support this, for example, with coaching, mentoring and development reviews.

A leadership culture that is consciously practised, especially with a view to long-term company results, plays an essential part. We want our managers to be role models in their behaviour, style and discipline, and to be characterised by visionary thinking and by treading new paths.

Designing our leadership culture and, associated with this, the work relating to individual leadership behavior, are at the center of the Bahlsen Leadership Development Program which all Bahlsen executives go through. The goal is to promote the personal development of executives and to advance team and relationship building as well as the understanding of collective leadership.

Family Business

Market leadership in Germany, and one of the most successful provider throughout Europe - meanwhile, we supply our tasty biscuits to over 55 countries around the world. This achievement is not only the result of our unique recipes and cutting-edge production facilities, but primarily due to our passionate and dedicated employees - they are the heart of Bahlsen and a powerful team. Thanks to this strong team, we are able to master the many challenges.

It is our goal to remain a family business in the future. This is more than a phrase - it is a feeling of togetherness, borne by generations of Bahlsen employees, which to this day has lost nothing of its strength. Together we will face the challenges of our future. With curiosity, courage, and support.

Open and diverse

We promote diversity, which is at the core of our demographic concept. We wish to benefit from the diversity of the different lifestyles, cultures, languages and life phases of our employees and support communication and solidarity among them. We anticipate valuable impulses specifically from recruiting international colleagues, just as we do from the secondment of our experts, executives and trainees to our business units abroad. This way, we further strengthen our international corporate culture and expand the intercultural competencies of our employees on the job.

A central challenge for us is to support our employees in achieving a work-life balance and integrating all areas of life.

Social Commitment

For over 25 years, our pre-Christmas fundraiser is held every year on Opernplatz in Hanover, where we sell biscuits. Each year, more than 100 employees volunteer to sell our Christmas biscuits; the annual proceeds of over 25,000 euros are donated to charitable organizations.

And our international colleagues are also highly dedicated to helping people in need. In Poland, for example, a children's home in Sieborowice has been receiving donations in kind and cash since the year 2000. On the occasion of Bahlsen's 20-year anniversary, twenty furniture sets were donated to the home in 2013, which Bahlsen employees assembled.

In the UK, employees specifically select an initiative which they support for a full year with a variety of campaigns, not just financially, but also by volunteering their help. In 2015 and 2016, the charity of their choice was "Peace Hospice Care".