Environmental Protection

Our primary focus: improved resource efficiency. We achieve this by continuously improving all business processes. We aim to minimize environmental pollution caused by our business activities. A further goal of ours is to eliminate all forms of waste.

Climate Protection

There is no new product development that does not involve recycling. From the choice of materials, to processing, to the finished packaging, we make it our mission to be mindful of our environment.

Our goals:

  • By the year 2020, to save 20% of water, gas, electricity and residual waste for every ton of finished product (base year 2010)
  • By the year 2020, to reduce  CO2 emissions per cubic meter of goods loaded by 20% (base year 2010)
  • The elimination of waste

Setting a good example

Our employees pro-actively shape our campaign to protect the environment and resources, and continuously implement improvements on a daily basis. As experts for their respective working processes and by thinking things through, they ensure that sustainability is lived at Bahlsen. Thanks to their commitment, we were able to clearly reduce waste at all national and international sites over the past years. Here are a few examples:

  • 43.9 tonnes of  CO2 per year were saved in our chocolate tank mixing plants thanks to a new, smart operating method;
  • 10 tonnes of recycled paper per year are saved, because in our German sites we no longer dry our hands with cellulose towels;
  • 20,000 KWH per year of electricity are saved because we only switch on light when we need it;
  • 69 tonnes per year of waste are no longer created because we have improved processes in the bakery and the packaging plant;
  • between 2012 and 2014 we reduced the quantity of waste at our sites in Poland by 14 %;
  • in 2013 692 tonnes of packaging waste were recycled in Poland, in 2014, 731 tonnes.

Young Ambassadors for Climate Justice

In 2013, we partnered with "Plant for the Planet", an international student initiative. Bahlsen supports the movement and regularly organizes "Plant for the Planet" academies, where children are trained to become Ambassadors for Climate Justice. Since then, we have been able to educate 710 children at 18 academies to become Ambassadors for Climate Justice. We consolidated this partnership with the promise to plant 125,000 trees.

We defined our key environmental goal in the AGENDA 2020: to lower the consumption of electricity, gas and water as well as the production of waste per ton of product produced by 20% by the year 2020.



Electricity (in kWh/t)

2010: 447 | 2014: 422



Natural gas (in kWh/t)

2010: 943 | 2014: 883


- 23,0 %

Water (in m³/t)

2010: 2.44 | 2014: 1.88

Residual waste

- 45,5 %

Percentage of residual waste (in kg/t)

2010: 6.79 | 2014: 3.70


- 9,7 %

Percentage of CO₂ (in kg/m³)

2010: 9.35 | 2014: 8.44