We act responsibly to keep The Bahlsen Family and society healthy


In order to protect our employees and our company we have set up measures working against the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

Due to the serious situation, appropriate actions by individuals and organizations are crucial to slow down its spread. When the first information about corona appeared, we took immediate action and implemented measures throughout the company in order to protect our employees and others. Our taskforce is working with tireless commitment, pace and discipline to minimize the negative impacts of the virus. We are very grateful for that. Thank you!

The further development of the coronavirus is difficult to predict. In order to be as well prepared as possible, our company is working with the following approach: we act responsibly and with foresight to protect our employees, as they are our top priority, while taking concrete measures to help keep the business running. Taking clear actions against the virus and protecting our employees are our contribution to help keep society healthy.

As of 17 March 2020 we have implemented the following measures:

People, health and safety

From the very begin of the outbreak we have enhanced our hygiene regulations and provided guidance on how to behave, how to protect ourselves as well as the people around us. Respective measures included additional disinfection dispensers at all entrances of our premises, in meeting rooms, lavatories and other hotspots. We have prohibited external visits and cancelled travel activities as well as large meetings entirely. Moreover, we have introduced routines to limit the access to our premises for persons (including employees) coming from risk areas and/or having had contact to infected persons or suspected cases. In order to get the most urgent messages across to all our sites, we have set up a crisis communication network to keeps all of us updated about the current situation and next steps.

Business contingency 

We are working with high intensity to ensure the continuity of the most critical business processes. We are adopting new working models, including remote working and virtual meetings. Within the factories strict regulations are in place for shift handovers as well as flextime reductions to minimize physical contacts. Cross-site visits and physical visits to stakeholders such as customers are confined to the absolute minimum.

The situation is tough and it imposes limitations on all of us, but we are convinced we will make it through this difficult period together. This is the time to support each other wherever we can. This is the time to hold together and to act responsibly to keep The Bahlsen Family and society healthy.

Thank you all for your engagement and commitment. We really appreciate it.

Stay calm, stay safe and take care.

Scott Brankin

Head of the Crisis Management Team (“Krisenstab”)