March 28, 2017

WWF Earth Hour 2017: Lights off at Bahlsen

On March 25, 2017, the 11th WWF Earth Hour took place. At 8:30 p.m., worldwide, for one hour, the lights were turned off to set a sign for climate protection.  
The message is clear: Together, climate change can be stopped; and, everyone can be a part in making it happen.

Environmental protection and sustainable use of resources has been a long-standing, major issue at Bahlsen. As such, of course, Bahlsen took part in the campaign, leaving Bahlsen Headquarters in Hannover dark for 60 minutes.

This year’s climate protection campaign broke all the records. The lights at several landmarks were shut off in major cities worldwide, and millions of households took part to demonstrate their support of the message. From New York via Paris and Germany to Sydney, over 1700 cities in 184 countries took part.

These two pictures give an impression of the campaign at Bahlsen.