July 08, 2020

Bahlsen puts brand building and innovation at the heart of the company

Bahlsen announced their newly reorganised Group Marketing function, which is part of a wider strategy for the company to strengthen their global brands and increase innovation.

Phil Rumbol, the recently appointed CEO said: “We have great products, but I believe there is an opportunity to make our brands even stronger. Now is the time to re-discovering the spirit of distinctive marketing and innovation on which the company was founded. These organisational changes are the first step in putting brand building and innovation at the heart of the company.”

To achieve this, Bahlsen will create two separate Group Brand and Innovation teams to enable one to focus more single-mindedly on brand custodianship, and the other on developing innovative new products.

Claire Sutton has been appointed as the new Marketing Director and will lead this dedicated Group Brand (and Insight) team with immediate effect. “What I’m most looking forward to is getting stuck in to the challenge of growing our brands internationally - in Germany and beyond. Our clear objective now is to ensure our products are as well known outside of Germany as they are within it.”

It was also announced that the current Global Brand Officer Willem de Bruijn will leave the company at the end of the month after his current role was split into a number of smaller roles. Phil Rumbol said: “Willem has played a leading role in putting more focus on our brands and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank him for him contribution and wish him the best for the future.”

Other organisations changes include the installation of HERMANN’S1 inside the Bahlsen company. To reflect their dual role as the organization’s innovation hub and external networking space this team will be called HERMANN’S FOOD STUDIO and be based in Berlin.

1HERMANN’S was set up in 2017 as a restaurant and a platform for food innovators, start-ups and consumers and as an innovation consultancy within the food sector. (www.hermanns.com)











March 11, 2020

Bahlsen announces ‘Next Generation’ Leadership

Werner M. Bahlsen announces the handover to the next generation leadership: Verena Bahlsen will become the primary active shareholder and Phil Rumbol will be appointed the new CEO.



As active shareholder, Verena Bahlsen will represent the next generation of the company. As such she will work closely with the Management Board to help shape and define the long-term direction of the company. She will support the development of Bahlsen as a brand led, socially responsible and financially successful company. Choosing a non-executive role, Verena will implement the family’s vision and play her strengths around food innovation, cultural transformation and brand building.

Werner M. Bahlsen says “I’m really pleased that Verena is taking on this role. We share a vision of where the company should go. She is passionate about the future of the company and with her clear vision and progressive thinking, I am confident she will help to steer it in the right direction.” Verena Bahlsen goes on to say „I’m taking the new role and the accompanying responsibilities very seriously. What connects my dad and I is our passion for food, entrepreneurship and the products as well as our brands. I‘m looking forward to start working with the Management Board.”

As part of the process of generational change, Werner and Verena Bahlsen have jointly undertaken an international search for a new CEO. They are pleased to announce the appointment of Phil Rumbol as the first non-family CEO of Bahlsen effective April 7th, 2020. Phil has over 30 years of commercial experience working for the likes of Cadbury, AB InBev, Heineken and Kraft. Most recently he has been working for Bahlsen’s global agency partner, MullenLowe, having co-founded and sold his own business to them in 2017.  He therefore offers an unusual blend of business transformation, brand building and commercial delivery in multinationals, combined with the dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit of start-ups.

Werner M. Bahlsen explains “Appointing the first non-family CEO is an important moment for our company. We specifically searched for someone who shares our family vision and core values. Phil has a strong track record of business transformation and Verena and I believe he is the right person to lead our company into a new chapter.”

Phil Rumbol says about his new role “It’s an honour and privilege to become the first non-family CEO of Bahlsen. It’s a wonderful family business with great products and a rich heritage. Having spent time with Verena and Werner, I was drawn to the inspiring vision they have for the business and look forward to working with everyone to make this vision a reality.“