Working culture at Bahlsen

We are “Findig im Finden”

“Findig im Finden” well describes the attitude that has continuously shaped the Bahlsen work culture. It means the active search for new ideas. It means to be able to imagine a world that will look different in the future than it does today. “Findig im Finden” means to find chances, possible solutions and the right people and to remain curious and open towards them. It means to have the courage to gauge and take the necessary risks to realize an idea and stand up for it even if it is challenging. To trust and support one another, to see mistakes as chances to learn from – all of this is what our company is made of.  

Our employees are actively involved: They stand up for their beliefs and bring the company forward with their ideas and passion - be it in international projects, in social initiatives of the company or at their everyday job. We support and demand responsible behavior.

Working atmosphere you feel good in  

Curiosity, courage and a large amount of passion to shape the future: All of this connects the employees at Bahlsen and drives them - from Production to Research and Development. In a culture in which the employees can unfold and develop their abilities and potentials, creativity and innovation can evolve. That is why we at Bahlsen closely nurture a work culture our employees feel good in; where they can network and fully develop their abilities.  

Joint cooperation, trust and strong beliefs are the basis of our company culture. It is shaped by close proximity and open doors. From Trainee to Management, everyone connects. For us, familial cooperation is not just lip service but established practice.  

Be a part of our success story

That is the spirit in which Hermann Bahlsen founded the company in 1889. Hermann Bahlsen was not actually a baker. He was a man that travelled extensively, who was culturally interested and open, and who gathered inspiration from various places. He had the ability to recognize potential others could not, no matter from what branch of industry or surrounding. He used this gift to found and develop the Bahlsen Company. Stories of unusual inspiration can be seen in all generations of Bahlsen. These were often the keys for the company’s progress.

Not only Hermann Bahlsen and his employees, but the following generations were also and still are “Findig im Finden”. This attitude made Bahlsen what it is today and will continue to shape our success in the future. We are a successful and future focused family company.