The BAHLSEN brand stands for a varied, delicious and high quality product. The BAHLSEN range includes something that is just right for every taste, whether this is one of the ever-popular classic products, a seasonal item, or part of the modern snacking range. The BAHLSEN brand sweetens the day for consumers. It is available in all countries that are supplied by the Bahlsen company and is exported worldwide.

The Bahlsen Group's diverse product portfolio ranges from modern biscuits and wafers to cakes and seasonal products, and also includes biscuit-based snack bars, sweet snacks and recently organic fruit & nut bars.

The products and branding in different countries towards the USA may vary as national products, regional references and consumer habits are taken into account. For example, in Germany, Poland, Luxembourg and Austria LEIBNIZ exist as a separate brand for all products which focus on the field of butter biscuits. Internationally the products are marketed mainly under the strong and popular BAHLSEN brand.

Further partly international and partly national brands of the Bahlsen Group are as follows:


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