The company's diverse product portfolio ranges from modern biscuits and wafers to cakes and seasonal products, and also includes biscuit-based snack bars, sweet snacks and recently organic fruit & nut bars. Internationally the products are marketed mainly under the strong and popular BAHLSEN brand. The products and branding in different countries may sometimes vary as national products, regional references and consumer habits are taken into account. For example, in Germany, Poland, Luxembourg and Austria LEIBNIZ exist as a separate brand for all products which focus on the field of butter biscuits. The partly international and partly national brands of the Bahlsen Group are as follows:

The BAHLSEN brand offers products to enjoy and creates special moments. The variety and high quality of the range is the result of more than 130 years of craftsmanship with love for detail. The brand ‘Bahlsen’ has products for all occasions - whether it's a coffee break, a snack or a celebration with family or friends It is available in all countries that are supplied by the Bahlsen company and is exported worldwide.

LEIBNIZ stands for crispy, fresh products for every day with a high level of taste recognition. The brand has been the favorite of many families for generations. The heart of the brand is the LEIBNIZ Butter Biscuit with its 52 teeth - the original on the biscuit shelf.

Over the past 130 years, the LEIBNIZ assortment has been expanded by numerous innovations. LEIBNIZ biscuits are simple, but tasty, easy to share, they offer something for every taste and have been a well-known product since childhood. LEIBNIZ – a feeling of home.

Apart from Germany, the LEIBNIZ brand is also on sale in Poland, Austria and Luxembourg, and in many other countries LEIBNIZ products can be found under the umbrella of the BAHLSEN brand.

PiCK UP! is our tasty chocolate biscuit bar with the special ‘KNACK’ (which in German stands for crunchy snap) – combining a solid layer of high quality chocolate with two crunchy biscuits.

PiCK UP! believes that with a positive mindset, you can get anywhere you want to be. The brand gives you that little push that you need to reset mentally and move forward again.

PiCK UP! was successfully launched in Germany in 1999 and since then has been conquering many markets across the globe. PiCK UP! is available in several formats and various flavours.

Hobbits, baked with oat flakes and wholemeal wheat flour, are sold under the BRANDT brand of biscuits. They are a great option for all those who want a biscuit that has a full taste with good ingredients, but also contains fibre. The BRANDT brand exists only as a national brand in Germany at present.

At Krakuski we faithfully profess the craft of confectioners, who created original Krakuski recipe, handed down from generation to generation. Each generation of confectioners uses those recipes and at the same time enriches them on their own way, to create new, delicious version of Krakuski. Their passion and creativity constantly inspire them to invent new tasteful ideas for biscuits. This is why our biscuits are always delicious and simply melt in your mouth. "Krakuski. Tradition with a scent of novelty."

In Poland HIT is the leader in the sandwich segment. The brand’s portfolio includes a number of taste variations, but the number-one bestseller is the classic chocolate version known in Poland since the 1990s. The success of HIT biscuits is largely based on the strong image of the brand which is associated with the good things in life – friends, music and great fun! The feature that makes HIT special is a delicious  creamy filling between two crunchy biscuits, packed in a recognisable red roll. In addition to classic taste variations such as chocolate, coconut, vanilla or nuts, HIT range is extended every year with seasonal taste variations which in recent years have been growing in popularity. These new variations refresh the brand’s image and attract new HIT consumers.

RAWBITE bars are organic fruit and nut bars, which only contain natural sugar from fruit. In addition the bars are Gluten free and dairy free. Everything in RAWBITE is driven by simplicity, joy and enthusiasm for the product, which is created with the utmost respect for the natural ingredients, which are processed as gently as possible.  The RAWBITE organic fruit and nut bars are available in various delicious flavors like Spicy Lime, Apple Cinnamon, or Cacao.