Code of Conduct

As suppliers of sweet baked goods, we have a social responsibility to act according to fundamental business principals and rules of behaviour; summarised in our Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct is not only an obligation for management and all employees, but also the basis of cooperation between us and our customers, suppliers and other business partners. Conformity to the law and to our ethical values has always been part of our company philosophy. Adherence to these principles, along with the quality of the products, underlies the success of our company.

Violations of the Code of Conduct, other laws or internal regulations of the Bahlsen Group can be reported via a whistleblowing system, to the Compliance Officer as well as to the external confidants via the keyword “Bahlsen Code of Conduct”. The contact persons are obliged to protect the person making the report and the persons concerned. Furthermore, the person making the report does not suffer any disadvantages as a result of submitting a report.

The external confidants are also instructed not to provide any information on the person making the report unless this is explicitly requested by the said person.

Contact person

Compliance Officer:

Andre Jacubczik

phone +49 511 960 25 85

External Confidants (Lawyers):

Dr. Claudia Voggenreiter

phone  +49 30 247574-14 

Jan Dietze

phone +49 40 226 64 162