Bahlsen as a Business Partner

One thing has always held true, and always will: for us, success with consistency has priority over short-term profit aims. This also applies to dealing with our business partners. We attach great importance to long-term ties and business relationships, characterised by good partnerships and a high degree of trust.

Quality is a bond

It goes without saying that we expect our partners to meet the high quality standards that we set for ourselves. Only in this way can we ensure for our consumers the highest possible level of product quality.

We keep records of our requirements for product quality, which can mean close checks on our qualified suppliers for sourcing and using selected raw materials. In sourcing, we strictly comply with our quality guidelines, take responsibility for critical issues in our value chain and undertake specific commitments to better social conditions.

Cooperative partnership

Scientific research connected with our raw materials and baking processes plays a particularly important role in our quality policy. In this respect we maintain a close dialogue with our suppliers and jointly develop solutions in order to make further improvements to our recipes and baking processes. This is only possible by means of open, fair and thus sustainable supplier relationships.

Our Code of Conduct

The fundamental business principles and rules of behaviour according to which we work are summarised in the Bahlsen Code of Conduct. This is not only an obligation for management and all employees, but also the basis of our cooperation with customers, suppliers and other business partners.