Management Board and Business Units

At the top of the Bahlsen Group is the management board, comprising Scott Brankin, Michael Hähnel, Jörg Hönemann and Daniela Mündler. The four-person board establishes the company strategy and monitors its implementation. It lays down the guidelines and standards for the whole Bahlsen Group and controls the business units. Bahlsen has Business Units in the regions:

  • Germany, Austria &Switzerland
  • UK & Ireland
  • Central & Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe
  • America
  • Middle East & North Africa
  • Asia Pacific

Scott Brankin, born in 1971, began his career at Bahlsen Group in 2000, first by leading the Marketing department at Bahlsen Poland as European Marketing Director, later at the Bahlsen headquarters in Hanover as European Marketing and Innovation Manager as well as Head of BAHLSEN Brand. In January 2008, Brankin returned to Bahlsen Poland and took on the role of Country Manager and Board Member. Since summer 2016 Scott Brankin is Member of the Management Board at Bahlsen. In this position, he is in charge of the regions UK and Ireland, Central & Eastern Europe, Western Europe and America. In addition, his responsibilities include the business areas Corporate Supply Chain and Corporate Procurement.

Michael Hähnel, born 1966, started at Bahlsen in 2013 as Chairman of the Executive Board for Bahlsen Germany. In 2016 he took over the additional responsibilities for Austria and Switzerland (Business Unit D-A-CH). Since May 2017 he is Member of the Management Board at Bahlsen and in charge of the regions D-A-CH, Middle East and North Africa as well as Asia Pacific. In addition, he is responsible for the business areas Corporate Quality Management and Corporate Information Management.

Jörg Hönemann, born 1970, has joined Bahlsen as a member of the Management Board in August 2018. As CFO (Chief Financial Officer), he is responsible for the business areas of Corporate Finance & Taxation, Corporate Controlling & BICC, Corporate Development, Legal, as well as Compliance and internal Revision.

Daniela Mündler, born 1973, came to Bahlsen Group in 2016. First she was responsible as General Manager Bisquiva for the private label business at Bahlsen. Since May 2017 she is Member of the Management Board at Bahlsen and in charge of Bisquiva and the region Ireland. In addition, she is responsible for the business areas Corporate Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Brand Strategy and Product Portfolio Management.

The individual business units are run by General Managers or Managing Directors who carry a high level of entrepreneurial responsibility within the corporate structure.