Product Responsibility

Our mission: the highest possible product quality. That mission is best achieved by buying and using quality raw materials while exercising a strict control of our long-term suppliers.

Responsibility to the point of origin

In the purchase of raw materials, we always ensure that our suppliers comply with the guidelines of Bahlsen's quality policy. Moreover, we take responsibility for critical issues within our value chain.


Our aim is to reach 100% sustainable cocoa purchases by the year 2020. This is why we are UTZ and Fairtrade Certified. This helps us to improve the living and working conditions of small farmers and fight child labor.

Our commitment at the point of origin

Since 2011 Bahlsen has also been working closely with a cooperative in the Ivory Coast. The members of this cocoa cooperative receive direct financial support from us for UTZ accreditation. Bahlsen guarantees purchase of up to 1,000 tonnes of certified cocoa per year.

Palm Oil

We are convinced that the status quo for certified sustainable palm oil is still insufficient. As a member of the Round Table in Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and of the Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil (FONAP), we advocate a more sustainable cultivation of this crucial resource. Our products use 100% sustainable palm oil in accordance with FONAP's voluntary commitment. Check our progress at

Our commitment at the point of origin

As a partner to the WWF and Wild Asia, we support a project in Malaysia which helps small farmers to reach certification status for their crops. Our goal: By 2018, we plan on purchasing roughly 3,000 tons of certified palm oil directly from small farmers. More information you can find in the following video.

Flour and Eggs

Our flour has been sourced almost exclusively from sustainable, controlled contract farming. This enables us to trace its origin all the way back to the field.

Our eggs, without exception, have been produced at least in a cage free environment. Here, too, it is possible to trace the product all the way to its origin.

Quality Promise

Our products contain no preservatives, colourings, artificial flavors, or genetically modified ingredients. Apart from milk and dairy products, honey and eggs, we do not use ingredients of animal origin.

The consumer has the last word

Responsibility for the products and fulfilling quality promises would hardly be possible without engaging in a dialogue with consumers. On the subject of product sustainability, we include consumers in our sustainability surveys. Consumer feedback is an important source for developing improvements.

Status on Palm Oil

100 %

Usage of certified sustainable palm oil

Status on Eggs

100 %

Eggs from KAT-certified farms
produced at least in cage-free environment

Status on Cocoa

80 %

Usage of certified Cocoa.
Goal until 2020: 100%


90 %

Usage of sustainable wheat